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Should I buy a digital piano or a keyboard?

Digital pianos: are electronic musical instruments, often built to look like pianos, that electronically reproduce authentic piano sounds. Digital pianos have no hammers, strings, or soundboard; instead they have electronics and speakers. Digital pianos never need to be tuned, can include different instrument sounds, rhythms, recording capabilities, and can be used with headphones so you may practice without anybody else hearing you. Digital pianos are much easier to move, but do not hold their resale value like acoustic pianos. Little to no maintenance necessary. 

Keyboards: are portable instruments designed for stage use (due to their extremely light weight) and be carried in a case. They come in different sizes (61 keys, 76 keys, & 88 keys), require no maintenance, and are inexpensive. However, keyboards do not have a full weighted-action, attatched pedals, a stable stand, or well sampled instruments (except on expensive models). Keyboards are recommended for stage use, gigs, or recording studios. Not recommended for children learning to play piano, classical music, or home-use.

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