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Our Teachers:

Sloane Landress: piano, violin, saxophone    757-754-7546


Angelica Logue: piano, strings     757-773-4159

Naomi Renzine: strings, piano- Saturday specialist 757-893-2401

Oksana Lutsyshyn: piano, 757-574-2630

Joan Bradley: piano, 757-397-8851

Deborah Dill: piano, Sat/Sun Specialist 757-337-8501

Susan Wells: (Daytime specialist/Clarinet) 410-3953

Eddie McConkey: guitar, 757-642-7513

Paula Pressnel (N.C. Teacher/Specialist) 252-333-5712

Dr. Tonya Holland (Va Beach Area)  757-544.7138


Lessons & Piano Tuning

John Schafer

Amp & guitar repair specialist


Piano Tuning

Warren McDonald  704-650-9076 Peninsula  specialist

Mike Peele             757-436-6100    Southside

Kyle Becker           757-589-9177   Hampton Roads

Acoustic upright and grand pianos need to be tuned about twice a year

Tuners we use and recommend

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